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Istex Lopi

Istex Lopi

Istex Lopi 

Embark on a journey into the heart of Icelandic craftsmanship with Istex Lopi, a yarn company that weaves the magic of tradition, nature, and innovation into every fiber. Nestled in the stunning landscapes of Iceland, Istex Lopi has earned a revered place in the world of knitting for its commitment to quality, authenticity, and sustainability.

Drawing inspiration from the rugged terrain, pristine waters, and untamed beauty of Iceland, Istex Lopi has curated a collection of yarns that pay homage to the country's rich heritage. By sourcing wool from the iconic Icelandic sheep, they deliver a range of yarns that are as pure and unspoiled as the landscapes they come from.

From the delicate, lightweight Lettlopi to the chunky, cozy Alafosslopi, Istex Lopi's yarns are designed to encapsulate the essence of Iceland. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, their yarns offer an unparalleled sensory experience. The texture, warmth, and rustic charm of Istex Lopi yarns make them an irresistible choice for knitters and crafters who seek authenticity and excellence.

Icelandic wool boasts remarkable properties, offering excellent breathability and thermal insulation. Its unique character is a result of over a millennium of development in the challenging sub-arctic climate and isolation.

This wool is composed of two distinct layers of fibers. The inner fibers, known as "þel," are finely textured, soft, and provide exceptional insulation. In contrast, the outer fibers, referred to as "tog," are long, sturdy, and built to withstand harsh weather conditions. When combined, they give rise to a high-quality wool that is both lightweight, resistant to water, and highly breathable. The fusion of tog and þel fibers results in the creation of the exclusive Lopi yarn.

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  • Lopi Lettlopi

    Istex Lopi Lopi Lettlopi

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    Lettlopi Experience the rustic charm and cozy warmth of Icelandic tradition with Istex Lopi's Lettlopi yarn. Crafted with care from the pure and unspoiled natural fibers of Iceland's beloved sheep, this exceptional yarn will transport you to the heart of the Nordic wilderness. Lettlopi, meaning "light lopi," lives up to its name by offering a wonderfully lightweight yet insulating yarn. The result is truly magical – a yarn that effortlessly balances warmth and breathability, perfect for crafting a wide range of projects. Embrace the earthy hues and distinctive texture of Lettlopi as you create everything from snug, stylish sweaters to snugly blankets and charming accessories. Its unique construction – a single ply with a gentle twist – not only guarantees an authentic feel but also imparts a beautiful, rustic quality to your creations. Indulge in the timeless tradition of Icelandic knitting, where warmth and style are seamlessly interwoven, thanks to Istex Lopi's Lettlopi yarn. It's the perfect choice for those who seek a touch of Scandinavian elegance in their creative endeavors, where every stitch tells a story of heritage and natural beauty. Léttlopi is a highly versatile yarn. It is equivalent in thickness to half a Álafosslopi. Léttlopi garments are lovely to wear both indoors and outdoors. Gauge Suggested needle sizes: 4-5 mmGauge 10×10 cm: 18 stitches and 24 rows Material 100% new wool50 g ~100 m Made in Iceland from Icelandic sheep

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  • Lopi Plotulopi

    Istex Lopi Lopi Plotulopi

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    Plotulopi Dive into the rich tapestry of Icelandic heritage with Istex Lopi's Plotulopi yarn, a true testament to the timeless art of crafting and knitting. This extraordinary yarn, like a cherished heirloom, holds within its threads the secrets of a thousand years of tradition and innovation. Plotulopi is unique among yarns, presenting itself in an unspun, delicate state, ready for your creative touch. As you hold it in your hands, you'll feel the whisper of the Icelandic wilderness, the story of hardy sheep and the rugged landscapes they call home. This delicate single-ply yarn is wonderfully versatile, allowing you to explore an array of projects, from ethereal lace shawls to sturdy, textured sweaters. What makes Plotulopi truly special is its captivating connection to Iceland's rich knitting history. The yarn's authenticity is undeniable, embodying the very essence of Icelandic wool. The fibers include the inner, soft "þel" and the outer, weather-resistant "tog," seamlessly blending strength and comfort, as only Icelandic wool can. Plotulopi's color range is a vibrant tribute to Iceland's natural beauty, with a spectrum of earthy tones and frosty blues. Each shade reflects the breathtaking landscapes and pristine waters of this captivating island. It is a canvas on which to paint your creativity and weave the stories of Iceland's majestic terrain into your creations. While Plotulopi stands in a category of its own, it shares kinship with other unspun Icelandic wool yarns, like Bulky Lopi and Alafosslopi, making it perfect for combining with them to explore textural contrasts and design possibilities. Whether you're fashioning a lacy dream or a cozy, rustic sweater, Plotulopi yarn will be your loyal companion on this journey of creative exploration. Unleash your imagination and embrace the legacy of Icelandic knitting, where every stitch echoes with tradition and natural beauty, all held within the delicate embrace of Plotulopi. How to Use Plötulopi Plötulopi is unspun wool (pencil roving) and is traditionally used to make authentic Icelandic Lopi sweaters. Plötulopi is mostly knitted using two or three strands, resulting in garments that are exceptionally light and airy. Plötulopi is surprisingly strong once knitted thanks to the unique characteristics of Icelandic wool.Gently wind the required number of strands of Plötulopi together or knit straight from the plates.  A single strand of Plötulopi is very delicate. It can be strengthened by twisting it lightly or by knitting it with one strand of Einband. Plötulopi is great for felting, hand spinning and many other things. Gauge Suggested needle sizes: Depends on how many strands are used Gauge 10×10 cm: Depends on needle sizeGauge 10×10 cm 2-ply 14 stitches x 19 rows, needles 5½ Material 100% new woolPlate: 100 g ~ 300  Made in Iceland of Icelandic sheep

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  • Lopi Einband

    Istex Lopi Lopi Einband

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    Lopi Einband Lopi Einband is a truly extraordinary yarn that captures the essence of Icelandic tradition and craftsmanship. This exquisite lace-weight yarn is created by Istex Lopi, the renowned Icelandic yarn company, and it embodies the raw, natural beauty of the country it hails from. Lopi Einband is made from the fleece of Iceland's iconic sheep, which have roamed the sub-arctic landscapes for centuries, developing a unique and resilient wool. What sets Einband apart is its delicate lace weight, which allows for intricate stitch work and open, airy designs. It's the perfect choice for those who appreciate the subtlety and grace of lace knitting. The yarn itself is a testament to the rich heritage of Icelandic knitting. It offers a harmonious blend of strength and softness, making it versatile for a variety of projects. The individual fibers, known as "þel," are incredibly fine and soft, ensuring comfort and warmth. Meanwhile, the outer "tog" fibers provide the necessary strength and durability for long-lasting creations. Lopi Einband boasts a beautiful range of colors, reflecting the palette of Iceland's breathtaking landscapes. From the serene blues of its icy glaciers to the earthy browns and greens of the highlands, you can infuse your projects with the enchanting hues of this majestic land. Crafting with Lopi Einband is an invitation to immerse yourself in the intricate world of lace knitting, where every stitch tells a story of elegance and natural beauty. Whether you're fashioning delicate shawls, intricate doilies, or lightweight, breathable garments, this yarn provides an exquisite canvas for your creativity. Choose Lopi Einband and embark on a journey into the delicate art of lace knitting, capturing the grace and allure of Iceland's knitting heritage in every creation. Einband is a fine yarn, ideal for shawls, light garments and lace knitting. Einband can be knitted using more than one strand of yarn. It is also used to add strength to one-ply Plötulopi. Gauge Suggested needle sizes: All sizes from 2-6 mmGauge 10×10 cm: Depends on needle size Material Material: 100% new woolBall: 50 g ~ 250 m Made in Iceland from Icelandic Sheep

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  • Lopi Alafosslopi

    Istex Lopi Lopi Alafosslopi

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    Alafosslopi Step into the world of timeless Icelandic craftsmanship with Lopi Alafosslopi yarn, a symbol of tradition, warmth, and natural beauty. Sourced from the rugged and resilient Icelandic sheep, this yarn embodies the spirit of this remarkable land and its age-old knitting heritage. Álafosslopi is a thick wool yarn, apart from Plötulopi that is unspun, the oldest wool yarn still in production in Iceland. It is excellent for knitting outdoor wear and super cozy garments. Alafosslopi, named after the iconic Álafoss wool store in Iceland, is a chunky, unspun yarn that exudes rustic charm and cozy comfort. The lofty, cloud-like texture of this yarn promises unparalleled insulation, making it a perfect choice for your cold-weather creations. Indulge in the rich and earthy color palette inspired by the raw beauty of Iceland's natural wonders. From the deep, volcanic black to the mossy greens and fiery reds, these hues evoke the untamed landscapes and fiery geothermal springs of this majestic country. With Alafosslopi, you can infuse your projects with the enchanting essence of Iceland itself. Whether you're crafting a toasty sweater for those frigid winter days or a chunky, textured blanket for curling up by the fire, this yarn is your gateway to authentic Nordic style. The pure, unspun Icelandic wool gives your creations a cozy, rustic feel, allowing you to revel in the rich history of Icelandic knitting. Lopi Alafosslopi yarn is the quintessential choice for those who appreciate quality, tradition, and the warmth of a bygone era. Channel the spirit of Iceland's woolen legacy in every stitch and relish in the unparalleled beauty and comfort it brings to your handcrafted masterpieces. Gauge Suggested needle sizes: 6-6½ mm10×10 cm: 13 stitches and 18 rows Material 100% new woolBall: 100 g ~ 100 m Made in Iceland from Icelandic Sheep

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