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Isager Alpaca

Isager Alpaca

Isager Alpaca Yarns

🧶 Embrace the epitome of softness and luxury with our curated collection of alpaca yarns – nature's gift to fiber artists seeking warmth and elegance in every stitch. Alpaca yarns are renowned for their exceptional qualities, and we take pride in offering a selection that captures the essence of this exquisite fiber.

Alpaca Yarn: A Symphony of Softness and Warmth

Renowned for its sumptuous softness, alpaca fiber is sourced from the graceful South American alpaca, providing a yarn that feels like a gentle caress against the skin. The inherent warmth of alpaca makes it an ideal choice for crafting cozy garments and accessories that invite comfort into every moment.

Luxurious Blends: Crafting Perfection

Our curated alpaca yarns come in a variety of blends, each carefully crafted to enhance the natural characteristics of this remarkable fiber. From delicate lace weight to bulky warmth, alpaca yarns offer versatility, allowing you to bring your creative visions to life with finesse and flair.

Isager Alpaca 1: Nestled among our shelves is the divine Isager Alpaca 1, a lace weight yarn that is truly a whisper of luxury. Composed of 100% baby alpaca fibers, this yarn drapes beautifully and creates a fabric that is both ethereal and velvety. The delicate halo and sheen of Alpaca 1 add a touch of sophistication to any project. Whether you're knitting a delicate lace shawl or a lightweight sweater, this yarn will transform your creations into timeless masterpieces.

Isager Alpaca 2: Alpaca 2 is a sport weight yarn that embodies the perfect balance of softness and structure. With a blend of 50% alpaca and 50% wool, this yarn combines the best of both fibers. The alpaca lends its luxurious softness and warmth, while the wool provides resilience and stitch definition. Ideal for garments and accessories, Alpaca 2 brings a touch of coziness to every stitch. The color palette is a dream to work with, offering a range of subtle hues that enhance the natural beauty of this exquisite yarn.

Isager Alpaca 3: Allow me to introduce you to the chunkier sibling in the Isager Alpaca family – Alpaca 3. This bulky weight yarn is a blend of 50% alpaca and 50% highland wool, creating a plush and cuddly fabric. Perfect for quick projects and statement pieces, Alpaca 3 adds a touch of luxury without compromising on warmth. The lofty nature of this yarn makes it a joy to knit or crochet, ensuring that your creations will be as enjoyable to make as they are to wear.

Isager Eco Baby: Wrapped in the delicate touch of Isager Eco Baby, you'll experience the charm of a fingering weight yarn that blends 100% organic cotton with a commitment to sustainability. This eco-friendly yarn is perfect for creating garments for the little ones in your life, offering a softness that's gentle against sensitive skin. With a palette inspired by nature, Eco Baby invites you to weave the story of comfort and care into each stitch. Craft beautiful baby blankets, adorable onesies, and charming accessories with a yarn that embraces both luxury and ethical responsibility.

Isager Eco Soft: Meet Isager Eco Soft, the versatile DK weight yarn that effortlessly combines luxury with eco-consciousness. Composed of a harmonious blend of 100% organic wool and cotton, Eco Soft offers a gentle touch while maintaining a stylish appeal. This yarn is a celebration of sustainability without compromising on sophistication. Ideal for a wide range of projects, from cozy sweaters to elegant accessories, Eco Soft invites you to create with a clear conscience. Revel in the smooth, even stitches as you craft garments that not only feel good but also align with your commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.


Exceptional Drape and Halo: Elegance in Every Stitch

One of the hallmarks of alpaca yarn is its luxurious drape and subtle halo. Whether you're creating a delicate lace shawl or a chunky sweater, the exquisite drape of alpaca yarn ensures that your finished projects flow with grace. The delicate halo adds a touch of ethereal beauty, creating garments that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the touch.

Natural Hues and Lustrous Sheen: Timeless Beauty

Alpaca yarns boast a rich color palette that complements the natural luster of the fiber. From earthy neutrals to vibrant hues, these yarns allow you to express your creativity with an array of tones that enhance the inherent beauty of alpaca. The subtle sheen adds a touch of sophistication to every project, creating textiles that stand the test of time.

A Joy to Work With: Crafting Bliss

Whether you're a seasoned artisan or a novice enthusiast, working with alpaca yarn is a joyous experience. The fibers glide effortlessly through your fingers, creating stitches that are as smooth as they are precise. The plush texture of alpaca yarn ensures that every project becomes a labor of love, bringing satisfaction and warmth to your crafting journey.

Indulge in the unparalleled softness, warmth, and elegance of alpaca yarns. Elevate your knitting and crochet projects to new heights with these luxurious fibers that beckon you to create timeless pieces that will be cherished for years to come. 🧶✨

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  • Isager Alpaca 1

    Isager Isager Alpaca 1

    Shipped within 1 business day

    Isager Alpaca 1 ISAGER ALPACA 1 is an ultra thin, two ply yarn made from 100% Alpaca. We use this yarn both individually, especially for scarves, but mainly we knit this yarn together with a strand of one of our other yarns. Any yarn will ‘benefit’ from being knitted together with Alpaca 1. The color range offers many interesting effects. One strand of Alpaca 1 makes an interesting new shade when combined with another color. One strand of Alpaca 1 can also add unity and bind colors together in a work where many colors are used. Recommended Gauge Alpaca 1: 3 mm needles= 28 sts / 34 rowsAlpaca 1 + Alpaca 1: 3 mm needles = 26 sts/ 30 rowsAlpaca 1 + Alpaca 2: 3,5 mm needles = 24 sts/ 28 rowsAlpaca 1 + Silk Mohair: 4mm needles = 18 sts/ 24 rows Material 100% alpacaMeterage: 400 m in 50 g Two ply yarnSpun and dyed in Peru

    Shipped within 1 business day


  • Isager Eco Baby

    Isager Isager Eco Baby

    Shipped within 1 business day

    Eco Baby ISAGER ECO BABY consists of 68% Baby Alpaca and 32% Organic Pima Cotton. Meterage is 150 m in 50 g, and used individually it is knitted on needle size 4 mm – 5 mm. It’s main feature is its softness which makes it the perfect choise for babies and young children. These yarns are 100% undyed and have not been chemically treated for dyeing and we recommend this yarn to people with sensitive skin or people who find themselves allergic to wool. GaugeEco Baby: 3.5 mm needle – 10 cm = 22 sts/30 rowsEco Baby + Alpaca 1: 3.5 mm needle = 20 sts/29 rowsEco Baby + Spinni: 4 mm needle = 18 sts/26 rowsEco Baby + Merilin: 5 mm needle = 16 sts/24 rowsEco Baby + Silk Mohair: 5 mm needle = 16 sts/22 rows Material68% Baby Alpaca and 32% Organic Pima CottonMeterage: 300 m in 100 g Spun in PeruUndyed / natural colors

    Shipped within 1 business day


  • Isager Eco Soft

    Isager Isager Eco Soft

    Shipped within 1 business day

    Eco Soft ISAGER ECO SOFT consists of 56% Alpaca and 44% Organic Pima Cotton. The meterage is 125 m in 50 g and individually it is knitted on needle size 5.5 – 6 mm. Eco Soft can replace the yarn in patterns for sweaters, knitted with Silk Mohair held together with another yarn. Some knitters prefer to knit with one strand only but would still like the fluffy structure, and this look is obtained with Eco Soft. The yarn is undyed and in natural colours.Eco Baby is the softest yarn in our range, and thus very suitable for baby clothes and small sizes. Since the finished projects knitted in this yarn have a tendency of “growing”, knitters should be careful to knit larger project with this yarn, especially if knitted on larger needles. GaugeEco Soft: 3,5 mm needles – 10 cm = 15 sts/24 rowsEco Soft + Spinni: 4 mm needle = 14 sts/22 rowsEco Soft + Merilin: 6 mm needle: 12 sts/20 rows Materials56% Baby Alpaca and 44% Organic Pima CottonMeterage 250 m / 100 g Spun in PeruUndyed / natural colors  

    Shipped within 1 business day


  • Isager Alpaca 2

    Isager Isager Alpaca 2

    Shipped within 1 business day

    Isager Alpaca 2 ISAGER ALPACA 2 is a two ply yarn which consists of 50% wool and 50% alpaca. This yarn’s main feature is its softness which makes it very suited for baby garments and any item where soft feel is preferred. Used individually this yarn is also beautiful for an adult cardigan, but one should take into consideration that due to its softness this yarn is best suited for models not exposed to too much wear and tear. A soft yarn will never be as hard wearing as a yarn spun from a firmer wool which may also have been spun tighter. On the other hand, this yarn is very well suited for scarves and knitted together with our other yarns.  Recommended Gauge Alpaca 2: 3 mm needles = 26 sts / 30 rowsAlpaca 2 + Alpaca 1: 3 mm needles = 24 sts / 28 rowsAlpaca 2 + Alpaca 2: 3,5 mm needles = 20 sts / 26 rowsAlpaca 2 + Silk Mohair: 4 mm needles = 18 sts / 24 rows Material 50% alpaca and 50% woolMeterage: 250 m in 50 g Two ply yarnSpun and dyed in Peru

    Shipped within 1 business day


  • Isager Alpaca 3

    Isager Isager Alpaca 3

    Shipped within 1 business day

    Isager Alpaca 3 ISAGER ALPACA 3 is an I-cord spun yarn. As Alpaca 2 it consists of 50% wool and 50% alpaca. The yarn is spun in a way that gives it a special soft and airy feel. Used individually it is perfect for a sweater which will become light, all tough the yarn is thick. The yarn should be knitted on large needles.  Alpaca 3 is knitted on needles 5 for edges, otherwise on needles 6 or 7. Recommended Gauge Alpaca 3: 5 mm needles = 16 sts / 20 rowsAlpaca 3 + Spinni: 5,5 mm needles = 15 sts / 22 rowsAlpaca 3 + Silk Mohair: 6 mm needles = 12 sts /18 rows Material 50% Alpaca and 50% WoolMeterage: 125 m in 50 g I-cord spun yarnSpun and dyed in Peru

    Shipped within 1 business day



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