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Discover our curated collection of the most beloved products in our yarn store, handpicked for yarn enthusiasts of all levels. Dive into a world of color, texture, and creativity with our extensive range of premium yarns, from alpaca to vibrant mohair. You'll find an array of knitting and crochet tools, including needles, hooks, and accessories, designed to elevate your crafting experience.  Whether you're a seasoned fiber artist or a beginner, our popular collection has everything you need to weave your yarn dreams into reality.

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  • Knitting for Olive Merino

    Knitting for Olive Knitting for Olive Merino

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    Merino Wool - 50g Our merino wool comes from sheep bred in Patagonia, where mulesing is not practiced. The wool can be traced directly back to the farm it comes from. In this way, we know exactly which farm, farmers, and sheep made our wool.Merino wool has many excellent properties. It is temperature-regulating. That is, the wool keeps our bodies warm in cold weather, and releases heat in warm weather, keeping our skin cool. At the same time, wool, like silk, can carry moisture away from the skin, and can absorb 30% of its weight without feeling wet.Wool is also dirt-repellent and requires minimal care.The yarn is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certifiedThe yarn is produced in Italy. Our spinning mill follows ethical, technical and environmental standards, creating yarns free from harmful chemicals.

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  • Knitting for Olive Soft Silk Mohair

    Knitting for Olive Knitting for Olive Soft Silk Mohair

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    Soft Silk Mohair Knitting for Olive Soft Silk Mohair is a luxurious blend of the finest Kid Mohair and Mulberry silk. Our Mohair comes from angora goats bred in South Africa, and the yarn is also produced locally. Our yarns are traceable back to the individual farms, which means we know exactly which farms, farmers, and goats our wool comes from. Our Mohair is certified sustainable and RMS (Responsible Mohair Standard). The yarn is produced with high respect for animal wellbeing, and with social responsibility. Our spinning mill follows ethical, technical and environmental standards, creating yarns free from harmful chemicals. The Silk in our Soft Silk Mohair is cruelty free. The silk fibres are collected from cocoons after the chrysalises are allowed to mature into moths and escape. This means that the silk worms are not killed in the process as they are in conventional silk production. The yarn is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified. We advise that Mohair is not particularly suitable for children 1 year old and under, since the lightweight Mohair fibers, while perfectly safe, can cause mild irritation if babies get them in their mouths. Knitting for Olive Soft Silk Mohair can be used together with a strand from a companion yarn.

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  • Knitting for Olive Pure Soft Silk

    Knitting for Olive Knitting for Olive Pure Soft Silk

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    Knitting for Olive Pure Silk (50g) Indulge in the luxurious world of Knitting for Olive Pure Silk, a yarn that transcends ordinary crafting with its soft, exclusive bourette silk—harvested ethically from cocoons after the chrysalises transform into delicate moths. Immerse yourself in the exquisite versatility of this silk yarn, boasting remarkable heat-regulating qualities perfect for the diverse climate of the US South. Revel in its breathability, making it an ideal choice for garments that seamlessly transition from sultry summer days to cooler evenings. With the ability to absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture while feeling irresistibly dry against your skin, this yarn becomes your go-to companion for southern warmth. Crafted with precision, our spinning mill upholds ethical, technical, and environmental standards, delivering a yarn free from harmful chemicals. Elevate your knitting experience with Knitting for Olive Pure Silk, where craftsmanship meets conscience, inviting you to weave tales of beauty and sustainability with every stitch. The yarn is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certificeret Material 100% Silk (Oeko-tek certified)  Length - 250m Gauge Gauge:  28 sts and 38 rows = 10 cm Size - Fingering Recommended Needle - 3mm

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  • Isager Jensen

    Isager Isager Jensen

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    Isager Jensen - Ase Lund Jensen's Legacy, modernized. Originally, Isager Jensen Yarn was named ÅLJ after knitwear designer Åse Lund Jensen. In the 1960s, Åse Lund Jensen sold handknitted sweaters, she knitted in a heavy Swedish yarn. The heavy weight of the finished garments made shipping costs outside Denmark much too expensive, and this led to a new cooperation between Åse Lund Jensen and the Danish spinning mill, Henrichsens Uldspinderi in Skive. Together, they developed a lighter 3-ply yarn, ÅLJ and introduced it in a new natural colour range which Isager is still the base for our Jensen Yarn, Spinni and Tvinni.The white wool origins from New Zealand, and the brown and grey wools used for the s-colours origin from Gotland sheep in Europe. The supplier in New Zealand is a brand partner of the Wool Integrity programme that ensures that the principels under this programme such as an animal welfare, environmental sustainability and tracability are met. Follow this link to read more about Wool Integrity: yarn is chemically dyed but based on the colour range of natural dyes, Åse Lund Jensen chose for her yarn. The colours 0, 0s, 2s and 3s are undyed and unbleached. All other colours are Oekotex 100 colours from Europe, but since the spinning mill in Skive has not been certified, the product can’t carry the Oekotex 100 label.As this is a 3-ply yarn, it is a firm and evenly spun yarn well suited for texture knitting as it allows the texture to stand out well. The yarn is very durable and wears out beautifully in the same way as Tvinni. We recommend this yarn especially for indoor and outdoor garments. Gauge Jensen used individually: 3 mm needles = 22 sts/ 28 rowsJensen + Alpaca 1: 3,5 mm = 19 sts / 24 rowsJensen + Alpaca 2: 4 mm needles = 17 sts / 24 rowsJensen + Silk Mohair: 5 = 16 m / 20 p Material 100 % wool250 m in 100 gThree-ply yarnSpun and dyed in Denmark

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  • CaMaRose Tynd Lama

    CaMaRose CaMaRose Tynd Lama

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    Tynd Lamauld Are you a yarn enthusiast, someone who can appreciate the artistry of knitting, and the tactile pleasure of working with exceptional fibers? If so, let us introduce you to TYND LAMAULD, a yarn that promises to take your knitting experience to the next level. TYND LAMAULD is not just any yarn; it's a work of art in itself. Crafted with meticulous care, this yarn is spun with a single thread, revealing its true beauty and softness when knitted and washed. To fully grasp the marvel of TYND LAMAULD, we recommend knitting and washing a swatch – this is where the magic unfolds. What sets TYND LAMAULD apart is its unique blend of 50% llama wool and 50% Peruvian Highland wool. The result is a yarn that's both soft and rustic, with fibers that have natural variations in length. These varying fiber lengths might seem like a challenge, but they're actually a hidden treasure. When you knit with TYND LAMAULD, you'll find surplus fibers in your work, which add to its texture and character. Once you've created your masterpiece and given it that first wash, you'll discover another delightful surprise. Many of those surplus fibers wash out, leaving your creation even softer and cozier than you imagined. It's a yarn that truly gets better with time. But, as with any love story, there's a twist. TYND LAMAULD, due to its thickness and single-threaded spinning, has a tendency to twist when worked in the round in stockinette stitch with a single strand. It's a characteristic that might require a bit of extra attention, but the end result is well worth the effort. Now, let's talk specifications. Each 50-gram skein of TYND LAMAULD boasts an impressive 220 meters of yarn. To bring your vision to life, we recommend a gauge of 28 stitches by 40 rows, using needles sized between 2.5 and 3 mm. The possibilities are endless, and the results are bound to be magnificent. But there's more to TYND LAMAULD than meets the eye. This exceptional yarn is closely related to its sibling, LAMAULD. In fact, two strands of TYND LAMAULD can be used as an alternative to, or alongside, LAMAULD, giving you even more creative freedom. Now, let's dive into the heart of TYND LAMAULD – the llama wool. These fibers are an exclusive, natural marvel. They're lanolin-free, lightweight, and incredibly robust. Their unique hollow construction lends them superb insulation capabilities. In fact, llama wool is significantly warmer than your average sheep's wool, making it perfect for classic Nordic knitwear, shawls, scarves, baby blankets, and any garment that demands both strength and warmth without added bulk. Gauge Recommended gauge: 26 - 28 sts x 40 rows.Recommended needles: 2.5 – 3.5 mm. Material Materials: 50% llama and 50% wool.Weight / length: 50 grams = approx. 220 meters.Wool wash, max 30°C / Lay flat to dry. Spun in Peru.

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  • CaMaRose Lamauld

    CaMaRose CaMaRose Lamauld

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    CaMaRose Lamauld LAMAULD, is a soft, rustic, and 1-threaded yarn consisting of 50% llama wool and 50% Peruvian Highland Wool. The yarns rustic look, high insulation capacity and strength, makes LAMAULD particularly suitable for classic Nordic sweaters and cardigans, outerwear, and blankets.The spinning of the yarn entails, that LAMAULD first unfolds completely, when knitted and washed. A knitted and washed swatch is therefore recommended, to get the full impression of the quality, look, and softness of the yarn. Llama wool has naturally very varied lengths of the fibers, which gives surplus fibers in the work process. The majority of these fibers are washed out at the first washes, which makes the result even softer. The colour chart in LAMAULD is beautifully composed of natural (uncoloured), mottled and through-coloured hues, specially made for CaMaRose.The natural colours (uncoloured) in LAMAULD are 6000 RÅHVID, 6001 ASKEGRÅ, 6041 GRÅ, 6080 MELLEMGRÅ, 6100 ELFENBEN, 6180 SAND, 6920 LYS BRUNMELERET, 6930 PERLEMOR and 6960 LYS SANDGRÅ. Gauge The length is 100 meters per 50 grams. The recommended gauge is 17-18 sts x 24 rows and the recommended needle size is 4.5-5 mm. Material The llama wool’s fibers are an exclusive natural product, lanolin free, light, and strong. The hollow construction of the fibers gives an unusual, good insulation capacity. Therefore, the llama wool is significantly warmer than ordinary sheep wool.LAMATWEED can be used as yarn alternative to LAMAULD. HØST can also be used as yarn alternative to LAMAULD. The recommended needle size to get the same gauge with HØST as with LAMAULD is a 4.5 mm needle.LAMAULD from CaMaRose is produced in Peru.

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